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A silver futures contract describes a standard quantity and quality of silver that the seller delivers to the buyer for a set price at a specified time and place. The COMEX silver contract calls for the delivery of 5,000 troy ounces of the metal. Contracts have delivery dates stretching from one to 60 months into the future Through Monday, the total amount of deliveries for the Mar21 COMEX contract stood at 8,221. For context: That's nearly 3X the number originally standing on February 25; That's also 3X the total number delivered during the volatile month of March 2020; That's approaching DOUBLE THE COMBINED TOTAL for the past SIX Marche The Comex Good Delivery standard is excellent, but the LBMA Good Delivery standard is even more stringent. It's considered the global standard of absolute excellence. What It Takes. To be included on the LBMA Good Delivery list, a refiner must: Have an established track record of at least three years of producing gold or silver Ahead of March COMEX Silver Deliveries. February 24, 2021. 3263. The likelihood of a COMEX collapse in March is extremely low. If you are going around hanging your hopes on this one-time event occurring within. by Craig Hemke via Sprott Money News About Good Delivery LBMA sets the stringent criteria that enable the global trade in gold and silver bars. It is the de facto standard trusted around the world

I took delivery of a COMEX silver contract recently, and encourage others to do the same. I wanted to relay me experience to the forum. I emailed by broker at Lind-Waldock a couple of days before first-notice day. I was required to have sufficient money in my account on first notice day to take delivery The refinery is on the LBMA's good delivery list for both gold and silver good delivery bars, and on the CME's Comex approved refinery list for gold bars. Royal Canadian Mint 1,000 Silver Bars. The 1,000 oz Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) silver bar is 99.9% pure silver. This is sometimes referred to as '3 nines. CME Group offers a range of Precious Metals futures contracts that result in physical delivery on maturity. The most significant of these are Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium futures. Physical delivery helps to ensure that there is a convergence in pricing between the physical market and the futures market at the futures' expiry

Current Gold and Silver Good Delivery Lists show refiners of gold and silver whose large bars were found to meet the required standard when originally tested. Inclusion in the Current list does not constitute or imply any representation or warranty by the LBMA as to creditworthiness or as to the services or goods supplied or quality or compliance with any specification relating thereto The same was true of the COMEX approved brand list for silver and the LBMA Good Delivery lists for silver - they were two entirely unrelated lists and concepts. The COMEX approved gold refiner brand list (up until 27 July) was a list of refiners which produced either 100 oz gold bars or 1 kilo gold bars which COMEX judged to be of a sufficient standard to be physically deliverable against the GC 100 gold contract If that plays out, the COMEX will end up delivering over 25,000,000 ounces of gold in 2020. That's approaching 800 METRIC TONNES! Again, you must keep in mind that in the previous era of bank charades passing for delivery, just 649 metric tonnes were allegedly delivered in the five-year period of 2015-2019

The COMEX, in essence, has just about run-out of registered gold and silver that's available for delivery, and will now be re-adjusting the eligible/registered ratio into the end of 2020, such that further shorting (thru borrowing) by bullion banks will become increasingly difficult, even if they should be foolish enough to want to, because the metal may no longer be there to do it The requirements for a Good Delivery listed bar (of approximately 400 troy ounces for gold and 1,000 troy ounces for silver) cover: Fine ounce weight; Purity; Physical appearance (including marking and surface quality). No other refined gold or silver products produced by accredited refiners fall within the scope of the Good Delivery Lists

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For gold or silver to be considered as COMEX Deliverable or Good Delivery, it must meet the following standards, all of which differ slightly depending on the metal being traded: Assay: The product must have an assay certificate, and this must come from an assayer who has been approved by COMEX The vast majority of market participants in futures markets pay no attention to delivery and for a good reason. Think of speculators who purchase a live cattle contract because they believe that the price will appreciate. Few, if any, have the ability or desire to take delivery of 40,000 pounds of cattle COMEX is one of the most well-known and recognized exchanges for the trading of metals such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum. The COMEX exchange was founded in New York in 1933. The name COMEX was short for Commodity Exchange, Inc. In 1994, the COMEX exchange merged with the New York Mercantile exchange and became the division for metals trading

Specifications for Good Delivery Bars : Each bar is marked with the fineness, the year of production, the serial number and the refiner's assay stamp . GOLD : Minimum gold content > 350 troy ounces (≈10.9 kg) Maximum gold content > 430 troy ounces (≈13.4 kg) SILVER : Minimum silver content > 750 troy ounces (≈23 kg Clients can buy these good delivery bars, store them with Money Metals Depository, then quickly and easily sell the bars back to us when the time is right - at the full, fair price. Money Metals does storage of your 1000 oz fine silver bars the right way

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Customer makes arrangements for the physical delivery including having the gold or silver assayed if required in order to sell to a dealer. Last word on Buying Gold and Silver on the Comex For the new person or one inexperienced in futures trading, it is advisable to only use funds which you can happily afford to lose That means a potential liability to deliver 862,350,000 ounces of silver if every holder of a long position asked for delivery. In effect, the COMEX registered silver inventories cover less than 14 percent of outstanding contracts. Even including 100 percent of the eligible inventories, that covers less than 42 percent of open positions Explore Comex posts on Pholder | See more posts about Wallstreetsilver, Very long term goal to own a bar for good delivery on comex. Another 772 contracts move to delivery in the March COMEX Silver (5000 oz) contract, making a cumulative 3mo ⋅ Sarifslv

The COMEX is reporting the biggest outflows of gold and silver in recent years. People and organisations are standing for delivery at contract expiry and not rolling over Our refineries produce 400-ounce LBMA Gold Good Delivery bars at five locations worldwide: Switzerland, the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, China. LBMA Silver Good Delivery bars and LPPM Platinum and Palladium Good Delivery bars are produced in Switzerland. Metalor is both a Referee at the LBMA and the LPPM market associations Good Delivery Lists are lists of gold and silver refiners who are accredited by the LBMA to supply gold and silver bars into the London market. Refineries must produce bars which satisfy high standards in terms of purity, quality and physical appearance. They must produce at least 10 tonnes of refined gold or 50 tonnes of refined silver silver adjusted for inflation, is $1000. It's now $25. that is a 40x unleveraged It's the biggest short squeeze of the century. this article only takes 10 minutes. I want to explain this simply. I write from the gut: straightforward There are a lot of complex explanations. There are lot of experts Two-year average: 2,843. So, as you can see, the total amount of deliveries for March were not extraordinary by any means, though when compared to the previous to Marches, the 3,855 for March 2017 is above average. Regardless, let's dispel with the idea that suddenly there is some surge of physical demand for silver on the Comex for as you.

may 17/silver breaks through $28.00 to close at $28.14//gold also has a good day up $29.95 to $1867.05//tonnage tonnage at the comex: up to 4.75 tonnes//silver oz standing: 36 million oz//june oi for 2021 has a huge 273,300 contracts remain open: we will have a dandy june 2021 gold tonnage standing for delivery!!//robert lambourne: bis calling in some of their swaps//coronavirus updates. Total COMEX gold contract open interest is today about 470,000 contracts. This is almost identical to the long-term average open interest in the period 2013-2018. The data above does not include an incredible surge in off-month or non-delivery month delivery volume. For example, March 2021 saw 9,711 deliveries The CME Daily Delivery Report showed that 25 gold and 170 silver contracts were posted for delivery within the COMEX-approved depositories on Tuesday. In gold , the sole short/issuer was RBC Capital Markets out of its client account -- and the largest of the three long/stoppers was BofA Securities, as they picked up 21 contracts for their own account

Similar to COMEX gold, I have delivery totals for COMEX silver dating back to 2015. The largest amount of monthly deliveries was in September 2019 with 8,722 contracts. The smallest was 1,356 in March of 2016. On average, a typical COMEX delivery month sees about 3,000-4,000 deliveries. But this has changed this year, too Outside of those LBMA London and China holdings, and excluding metal held on COMEX (which is accounted for) they warn silver bullion stocks that exist elsewhere and are in a deliverable form (specifically LBMA or COMEX Good Delivery compliant) appear extremely modest. Ronan Manly takes issue with one particular statement that Silver granules and silver good delivery bars are produced as final products from the silver crystal. The refinery continually investigates refining technology developments that could make its operations more efficient and cost effective with high volume production of +99.995% gold and +99.998% silver granules

No. Taking delivery from an exchange on good delivery gold or silver is neither a simple nor a cost-efficient process. There are several hoops that must be jumped through in order to do this and in addition to those hoops there are fees and costs involved, as well may 27/gold surprisingly holds another raid: gold down only $5.35 to $1895.80//silver up 3 cents to $27.83//final comex gold tonnage standing: 5.577 tonnes/silver oz standing: 36.4 million oz//tonight we get a glimpse as to what will stand for delivery: probably around 70 tonnes of gold//o/n reverse repo facility of the fed climbs to almost 486 billion dollars as the money market is clogged. COVID-19 Exposes Gold and Silver Price Manipulation. Updated: May 13, 2020. In the modern history of the international market for the precious metals of gold and silver, the fallout from the COVID‑19 public health crisis during February - April 2020 will stand out like no other. Around the world, fears regarding the lethality of COVID-19.

The demand for physical delivery off of the COMEX futures exchange continues at an unprecedented rate. What does this mean for 2021 and beyond? As most precious metals investors know, physical delivery from the COMEX futures exchange has always been a sort of illusion designed to maintain some semblance of legitimacy for the pricing scheme utilized there Rand Refinery has been appointed as one of only five internationally recognised referees by the LBMA, to assist LBMA in maintaining the good delivery system and its standards. As a referee, Rand Refinery is globally recognised as: Setting the highest industry standards as a leading benchmark refinery, and the only one, in the Southern Hemisphere Guide to Comex Silver Futures Trading & Market Data Trading Unit 5,000 troy ounces. Price Quotation must be must be made from a warehouse or vault licensed or designated by the Exchange specifically for the storage of silver. Delivery Period The first delivery day is the first business day of the delivery month;.

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  1. Until now, JP Morgan did not have a NYMEX/COMEX vault license. They had to send silver, for example, to HSBC, Brinks, Scotia Mocatta and/or the Delaware Depository in order to deliver it on COMEX
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  3. Buy Valcambi Suisse silver and gold bullion from Silver.com - the bullion market leader. Fast & secure shipping. Call us at 888-989-7223. Gold: Credit Suisse came onboard as the primary owner in 1968 and helped lead the company to status as LBMA and COMEX Good Delivery producers. In 2001,.
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London good delivery gold bars (c. 400 troy ounce or 400 oz) are investment grade gold bullion bars weighing close to 400 troy ounces or 12.4 kilograms. London Good Delivery gold bars do not weigh exactly 400 troy ounces rather they range from 350 troy ounces to 430 troy ounces, however buyers only pay for the exact amount of troy ounces in the bar they purchase CME resolving physical gold squeeze with delivery of 100-ounce, 400-ounce and 1-kg bars. ( Kitco News) - Increasing pressure from market players and significant liquidity issues in the gold market are prompting CME Group to make some changes in how it delivers its physical gold. Tuesday evening, the futures exchange announced the launch of a. Various Various 1000 oz COMEX Deliverable Silver Bar These 1,000 oz good delivery bars are one of the most economical ways to buy large quantities of physical silver. Bars will be good delivery status and weight varies slightly depending on the individual bar. For further details or to order please call in. Brand and design may vary from the bar shown

Expertly cast in Switzerland, these bars are produced by PAMP SA. Packed individually in protective plastic sleeves and housed in a monster box containing five bars. PAMP is an accredited 'Good Delivery' refiner by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), the Swiss National Bank (SNB) and the leading futures markets (TOCOM, COMEX/NYMEX) making these bars IRA eligible The London Good Delivery List of Acceptable Refiners of gold and silver is maintained by the LBMA, by whom it is copyrighted. It lists those refineries whose gold and silver bars have been found, when originally tested, to meet the required standard for acceptability in the London bullion market. The List now includes 73 gold and 82 silver. Silver and Gold Bullion In North America, SMI produces gold and silver bullion products ranging in size from 1 gram to large 100 ounce bars. Sunshine's brand of bullion products is a recognized and convenient way to acquire precious metal content to complete any investment portfolio OTTAWA - Chicago-based CE Group has added the 1,000-oz silver bar produced by the Royal Canadian Mint to the Comex exchange's Silver Good Delivery List. The list officially names the only exchange approved brands of silver bullion bars that can be delivered against Comex metal future contracts

P - Z - Private Mints. Pamp Suisse - This private mint is one of the most technologically advanced mints in the world. They were established in 1977 and are currently based in Ticino, Switzerland. For the last 20 years, PAMP has had market share in excess of 50% of gold bars weighing 100 grams or more The Comex Exchange offers a standard silver futures contract for trading in three variants classified by the number of troy ounces of silver (1 troy ounce is 31.1 grams). A price quote of $15.7. Trading Good Delivery gold bars - guaranteed to be of 99.5% fine or above - can then cut your tax bill again in many countries, because these 100- and 400-ounce gold bars are defined as investment gold and eligible for personal retirement plans. Good Delivery gold bars reduce your costs further still by retaining main market deliverable status Get free Comex Gold Tips. Comex Live Gold prices and charts. Comex Gold Live chart with Volume, OI and Prices. Know about Comex Gold lot size and margin requirement The refinery struggled through seven years before its acquisition by Credit Suisse. The purchase not only resulted in the combined name of Valcambi Suisse, it also brought the refinery's production up to standards of London and COMEX good delivery for gold bars. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Silver.com

Silver bars are usually the best value in terms of a silver price per gram or per ounce basis. This allows you to accumulate many more ounces of silver for your investment dollars. Silver bars are available as small as 1 gram to as large as 1000+ troy ounces for a COMEX good delivery bar Buy 100 oz Gold Bars. Buying 100 oz gold bars is a great way to acquire physical gold bullion at low premiums or prices over gold's fluctuating spot price. All 100 oz gold ingots we sell are crafted in fine .9999 gold bullion. We offer some of the world's most highly regarded gold bullion bar hallmarks including brands like 100 oz Metalor. Certifications. Argor-Heraeus boasts accreditations and accolades from major national and supranational authorities regarding aspects such as product and process quality, care for the environment, resources, training and safety. 2020 Minted Products. Product. Pure Quality. We combine nearly 200 years of experience with forward-looking proprietary techniques to produce the highest-quality products on the market. As a LBMA London Good Delivery and COMEX approved refiner, our bars and rounds are approved for holding within an IRA. 1 oz Bar. Au - 9999 Pure Gold. Obverse Reverse

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  1. Today, COMEX has more liquidity than any other metals exchange. WHAT YOU CAN PURCHASE THROUGH COMEX. Rather than selling actual base metals or Precious Metals, COMEX deals in Gold futures, Silver futures and similar products. Some investors may opt to take physical delivery of their Gold purchases, but not all do
  2. Silver Bars. Silver bars are usually the best value for silver on a price per ounce basis. This allows you to accumulate many more ounces of silver for your investment dollars. Silver bars are available as small as 1 gram to as large as 1000+ troy ounces for a COMEX good delivery bar
  3. t bullion and collector coins, however, such as the American Silver Eagle with no
  4. Kyle Bass: Comex Can't Deliver Physical Gold and Silver! Posted on December 22, 2011 by jerry. Kyle Bass discusses how the Comex exchange can't physically deliver on the gold and silver contracts it issues. This is extremely significant because it will force the price of gold and silver through the roof

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Comex Silver Delivery Months. When are delivery months for silver in Comex? And where I can find the number of contacts that will take delivery in those months? Thanks. 10-07-2020, 09:52 PM. SilverPalm. This should get you starte Not all silver ETFs are the same. Investors wanting funds backed by physical silver should read prospectuses carefully, as some use futures and options to track the price of silver. While ETFs using silver derivatives can deliver returns similar to physical silver, they also come with unique conditions like backwardation and contango When the COMEX changed the rules to allow only selling of silver contracts the Hunts were forced to liquidate their COMEX position and the price fell from $50 to $10 in a matter of 2 months. Since the current manipulative short position held by less than 3 US Banks is estimated to represent over 100M ounces short it is reasonable to project a slightly larger % move to correct the manipulation Comex Gold and Silver Markets Hurtling Towards Default Commodities / Market Manipulation Oct 30, 2008 - 02:06 PM GMT. By: Jim_Willie_CB The COMEX gold & silver markets are each hurtling down a. Cost of taking delivery of a silver contract, comex. Printable View. 02-01-2013, 09:13 PM. shel8483. Cost of taking delivery of a silver contract, comex. So you just bought 5000 ozs for 31,00. Any body know what the final charge to get it delivered to your house or someplace nearby where you can pick it up

Name Silver; Contract code: AG: Contract type: Futures: Underlying material: Loco London Fine Silver held in London and complying with standards relating to good delivery and fineness acceptable to the Precious Metal Clearer of the Clearing House for the purpose of effecting settlement with the Clearing House, as such standards are in effect from time to tim The London/Zurich Good Delivery List; The London/Zurich Good Delivery List. To facilitate trading among members, a list of acceptable Melters and Assayers is maintained by the Market. This is known as The London/Zurich Good Delivery List. To qualify as Good Delivery metal must conform to the following specifications The only alternative for the big silver shorts is to try and buy time and postpone the inevitable by arranging sharp selloffs in hopes of buying back as many short positions as possible, something they have not been able to do. Complicating the plight of the big shorts is that they have buying competition

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Money Metals Exchange Lets you invest in gold and silver for as little as $100 per month. Metals: Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium. Buying options: Physical delivery, storage, savings plan. Visit Site. Visit Site. 4. JM Bullion Great place for buying limited coin mintages and collectibles. Metals: Gold, silver, platinum, palladium. Stream Goldman, Currie Owe Silver Market An Explanation About COMEX Deliveries by Arcadia Economics from desktop or your mobile devic SILVER SUPPLY & DEMAND. The Silver Institute works with the Metals Focus team, a leading research. company that is based in London, to prepare and publish a comprehensive report on the. previous year's silver supply and demand trends, with special emphasis on key markets and. regions. This annual survey also includes current information on.

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The latest silver trust and COMEX delivery data was in record-setting territory, putting further pressure on an already fragile market and supply chain. And to find out what it all means, click to listen now! Genre Business. Users who like SLV Silver Inflows And COMEX Deliveries Spike Below is the Commitments of Traders (COT) report for SILVER - COMMODITY EXCHANGE INC. (COT legacy report, futures only) with COT charts. This COT report for SILVER is as of 2021-05-18. COT reports are released each Friday (except for U.S. holidays) by the CFTC. Each COT report release includes data from the previous Tuesday SI00 | A complete Silver Continuous Contract futures overview by MarketWatch. View the futures and commodity market news, futures pricing and futures trading The silver rush on COMEX is on!! March deliveries on trend for 100,000,000 oz or more deliveries. Wednesday (preliminary) open interest still about 10,000 over prior months. Reddit Thread by Ditch_the_DeepState - View Sourc Gold and Silver COMEX December Delivery Preview: Bob Colema

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Instant access to 24/7 live gold and silver prices from Monex, America's trusted, high volume precious metals dealer for 50+ years. Call 800-997-7859 to invest in gold and silver bars & coins with Monex Silver.com is an Internet retailer of precious metals, including silver, gold, and copper bars, rounds, and coins. We offer easy online payment options and fast, secure delivery directly to your door. Because of our direct relationships with domestic mints and wholesale trade desks, we are able to offer a wide variety of precious metals. 400 oz Gold Bar. The 400 oz gold bar, also known as a Good Delivery Bar, is the single, largest physical gold investment you can make today. But you can also buy affordable gold bars in many sizes that weigh as little as 1 gram (0.0322 troy ounce). Call us at 1-888-319-8166 for available hallmarks and current pricing of 400 oz gold bars 3rd day into May #silver delivery and another 1,140,000 oz delivery demanded from the COMEX. Total after only 3 days of May is 30,680,000 oz delivery demanded from.

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Check out the brand new Razer Gold. Get in on exclusive game deals, Silver rewards and more Gold Bullion Shortage Scramble Sends COMEX Premium to 45 Year High. March 24, 2020. By James Anderson. Market Updates Gold & Silver News. Worsening physical gold bullion shortages forced COMEX futures prices upwards touching near $1,700 oz this morning. This just after gold news broke yesterday that three major Swiss gold bar refineries will be. Free intra-day Silver (Globex) Futures Prices / Silver (Globex) Quotes. Commodity futures prices / quotes and market snapshots that are updated continuously during trading hours Get Silver COMEX (Jul'21) (@SI.1:CEC:Commodities Exchange Centre) real-time stock quotes, news, price and financial information from CNBC

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One ounce silver products such as mint silver American Eagles (check out American Silver Eagle prices on MMX), bullion rounds, or pre-1965 90% U.S. silver coins can be a good supplement to a core holding of bars. Silver bar worth varies on size/weight, but will always add enjoyment to your delivery. IRA Approved 100 oz Silver Bar The COMEX gold contract specifies physical settlement. The seller delivers 100 troy ounces of 995 fineness or better gold to a licensed depository on an agreed date within the delivery month Silver Seeker Issue #61 ~ This Week In Mining: Gold Hold's After Breaking $1,750. Silver also broke out of a short-term downtrend when it broke $26/oz. and is currently hovering right around that level. The miners have reacted favorably and have run up nicely but are still incredibly cheap and priced as if gold were priced $200-$250/oz. lower

Silver Bars and Rounds Review | The Pros and Cons InsideBuy the PAMP Suisse Kilo (32

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Silver prices change constantly, and our live spot silver prices and charts update every minute during trading hours to reflect recent market fluctuations. The silver price table below displays pricing in increments; silver price per gram, silver price per ounce and silver price per kilogram 70s-style inflation: Biggest risk is 'invisible wealth destruction,' gold price going to $20K this decade - Kitco News, Jun 8 2021 4:32PM: $2,700 gold price 'could be reached in 1 to 2 years' at the earliest - Chris Vermeulen - Kitco News, Jun 8 2021 1:40PM: Gold, silver succumb to mild profit-taking pressure - Kitco News, Jun 8 2021 12:28PM. Like silver bars, silver coins are often 99.9 percent pure. Some coins, such as the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, for example, can be as high as .9999 percent pure. Silver bullion coins do also carry a face value and, therefore, must be produced by government mints. For example, the American Silver Eagle has a face value of $1 USD

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Get the latest Gold price (GC:CMX) as well as the latest futures prices and other commodity market news at Nasdaq Get updated data about gold, silver and other metals prices. Find gold, silver, and copper futures and spot prices This update on Comex is an excellent one. Historically registered #silver inventory tracks TTM deliveries at Comex. Accurate going back 20 years. Notice the sharp departure in trends in at the start of the silver squeeze Flip cards, complete islands and score points in this Flip 'n' Write LPPM Good Delivery Bar Weighing - Conversions, Rounding and Tolerances. It has emerged that due to some minor weighing differences between weighing machines in different vault locations, a revision is necessary to the LPPM Good Delivery Bar Weighing Rules. Read more. Platinum and Palladium Certified Reference Materials (CRMs

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