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XRP Tip Bot allows Twitter (or Reddit) users to send XRP (Ripple) to each other through Tweets (or comments). If you are feeling generous and want to send a tip to your friends, followers or anybody with a Twitter account you can now you use this incredibly useful, simple and fun tool No community is perfect and that includes the XRP Community. Aggressiveness, vulgarities, outrageous claims, a refusal to engage in civil debate, maximalism, etc are issues that plague all of Crypto Twitter

De senaste tweetarna från @rippl Some interesting discussion on Twitter about Coinbase. A very similar negative sentiment as in here. I tweeted this regarding the nonsense of us hanging on XRP being added to Coinbase. I got many responses including the following. I promised to pass the message on but told everyone we were unhapp.. XRP community Twitter #XRP、 Twitte . Die neuesten Tweets von @xrpnews Die neuesten Tweets von @BankXR Die neuesten Tweets von @Mr_Hv Im März 2019 verärgerte er die XRP Community - zumindest Mitglieder aus Fleisch und Blut - mit seiner Analyse, dass die XRP Army zu großen Teilen aus Bots bestehe

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  1. To put things into perspective, XRP surged over 20 percent since Monday to retest 20 cents. This surge did not go unnoticed by the XRP community as the engagement on Twitter skyrocketed. The digital asset saw approximately 29,143 tweets yesterday, according to data provided by BitInfoCharts. These were 5,000 more than the tweets that mentioned.
  2. Ripple User Loses Funds, Active XRP Community of Crypto Twitter Jumps In To Help. If there is anything that can be said about the XRP community, it is that they bond together. When Twitter user XRP4Fam posted about their loss of both BTC and XRP from his ledger, it gained a lot of activity and attention. I just got my XRP and Bitcoin stolen.
  3. g payment service that streams payments in XRP or US Dollars when content is viewed
  4. If you look at some of the people that are on the community team for Ripple, for instance, if you look at the Twitter presence, it's absolutely off the charts in terms of how much they're manipulating Twitter as a medium for promoting Ripple whether that's them, or if they'll claim that they don't own the bot networks

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The XRP community has been taken for a ride, so to speak, by Reddit user @XRP_Productions. The user trolled Twitter users by informing them that the infamous BearableGuy123 riddles ultimately led to an Ovaltine advert — an ode to famous holiday movie A Christmas Story Xrp Chat is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Ripple, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. Powered by Invision Community Tiffany Hayden, a major XRP community member, has drawn public attention to promoted Ripple advertisements about XRP that have appeared quite often on Crypto Twitter recently.. Other community members have shared that they also saw similar ads on other top social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat Twitter User Slams XRP And Its Fans, Gets Schooled About It. A Twitter user may have poked the bear when they decided to throw a jab at XRP and its support community. Apparently, the user, going by the handle Crypto Sara, has a problem with anyone who thinks XRP is the new standard. Interestingly, she had the courage to tweet about it.

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Twitter mentions have allegedly driven crypto prices up or down. The finance community wonders if Twitter could be driving prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. Where there's smoke there's fire, it may have some form of influence over the markets but may not be driving prices. Billionaire Hedgefund owner paul Singer who is the founder of. On January 24, Twitter decided to disrupt the XRP community by banning the XRP Tip Bot account, which is a service developed by the XRPL developer who founded XRPL Labs, Wietse Wind. This is what Weiste Wind tweeted on the ban: Users: funds are safe, even if Twitter somehow decides to block the TipBot forever, [ This movement has led to a current market change of 2.1% but, at the time of writing, Ripple's XRP price is hovering at around $0.308 with a drop of 1.60%. It is worthy of knowing that the. Both eToro and Kraken faced a backlash by the XRP community on twitter due to various reasons. eToro was criticized for requiring wire transfers to secure XRP deposits on the platform and the lack of clarification regarding that requirement

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Ripple then set up a schedule to release one billion XRP each month, sell a portion to fund its operations and invest in startups, and return the rest back into escrow. Ripple currently holds nearly 6.8 billion XRP and has roughly 47.8 billion XRP left in escrow, according to the company's website XRP News Update: MoneyGram on Front Page. The news cycle has continued its frenetic pace in the last few days, with multiple exchange announcements, XRP community updates, and a new website for XRP Ledger documentation, organized specificall

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Share to Twitter; Share to Linkedin by Ripple themselves, and by the broader XRP community. The UNL is bundled with the software, and in many cases, nodes are not changing it — however,. My own confidence in XRP is unwavering, but keep in mind that I've invested in XRP: I urge readers to validate what I've said, get others' opinions, and then check back with those in the XRP Community if you have any doubts. I am certain that, based on what I know, the majority of crypto investors will arrive at the same conclusions as my own XRP is a digital asset built for payments. It is the native digital asset on the XRP Ledger—an open-source, permissionless and decentralized blockchain technology that can settle transactions in 3-5 seconds. XRP can be sent directly without needing a central intermediary, making it a convenient instrument in bridging two different currencies. The CTO at Ripple, David Schwartz, recently stated that the customers of the San Francisco based blockchain tech Ripple, have no reason not to use the digital token XRP if it is the best option for their payments. This came about after Arturo Portilla, a Mexican tax and fintech Lawyer, quoted the reason given by [

They're trying to billboard Twitter with the XRP army. He gives as an example GiantGox, an XRP fan account with 39,000 followers. Running the numbers, he found 15,000 connections with a similar account, known as XRP Trump (which was just a name—the bots are apparently not related to Trump's own bot army) XRP Community Excited. Quite Excited. The XRP community was immediately quite pleased with this news, boosting Chatterley's tweet to over 1,000 likes as of the time of this article's writing and hundreds of comments and retweets, for they think this mainstream coverage could help boost Ripple's cause to an audience of many Although discounting this assertion may appear impossible, the social communities especially Twitter have received counter assertions and unsubstantiated remarks about XRP. As heart-rending as these remarks may appear, they cannot withstand the test of Ripple's nonstop introduction of use cases that has the potential of bringing XRP to the set milestone by the community 48 863 subscribers. View in Telegram. Preview channel. If you have Telegram, you can view and join. OFFICIAL BUY & HOLD & Pump XRP right away XRP.CO is an independent site created by an XRP Community member, Kieran Kelly. He worked with a number of individuals to create the site, which uses data-collection from public APIs to publish real-time statistics about the XRPL

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Name State Link; Tutorial: Coding & the XRP Ledger: a beginners course Blog on coil.com: Tutorial: Using the XUMM SDK for the XRPL in NodeJS Blog on dev.to: My recent Github projects: Check my Github repository: My recent blogs at Dev.to: dev.to/wietse: XRPL Labs recent Github project How The XRP Community Reply To The SEC's Shady Move. by Reynaldo Marquez. 2 months ago. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit against Ripple Labs, and executives Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen seem to have taken a weird turn

Vi skulle vilja visa dig en beskrivning här men webbplatsen du tittar på tillåter inte detta Leading the XRP community's case, Deaton will present the intervening defendants' case to a federal judge on May 17, who will decide the ultimate outcome

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XRP fans are divided into two groups: some of them are selling the crypto at a loss, and others believe that this lawsuit can kill Ripple. On Reddit, users are convinced to hold XRP no matter what. Let's go into some XRP price predictions to estimate the future of XRP. XRP Price Prediction 2021. At the end of 2020, the XRP price spiked up to. Sologenic is a sophisticated ecosystem built on top of the XRP ledger. It facilitates investing and trading between crypto and non-blockchain assets such as stocks, ETFs, and commodities from top 30+ global stock exchanges The idea that astroturfing is rife on XRP Twitter, however, is most associated with Geoff Golberg, an independent researcher who's been studying the XRP community's online presence for months DEV Community is a community of 631,381 amazing developers Share to Twitter Share to LinkedIn Share to Reddit Share to Hacker News Share to Facebook Share Post Report Abuse. The XUMM SDK in Node/JS - XRP ledger Thank you XRP Community!. Join your fellow Ripple / XRP community members for an evening of discussions regarding the current & future state of the company, and the XRP digital asset. Meeting Details: Time: July 29, 2021 @ 6pm EST (90 Mins.

Not really. The VPS to run this service is $2.50 a month and the fee is: 60 * 24 * 30 * 10 / 1000000 = 0.432 XRP per month. ( minutes per hour * hours per day * days per month * drops fee per tx / drops per XRP ). We'll live. And as we rely on this information ourselves, even if the costs to run this service would go up we'd make it back in the. By John Kiguru 6. June 2021. An anonymous video uploaded on YouTube has criticized Elon Musk over his recent tweets that led the market to bleed late last week. The creator called out the Tesla CEO over his quest to save the world, seeking attention in the crypto community and clear disregard for the average working person XRP price today is $1.58 with a 24-hour trading volume of $13,672,029,508. XRP price is up 6.4% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 46 Billion XRP coins and a max supply of 100 Billion. Binance is the current most active market trading it I'm thinking about forking XRP so we don't have to deal with the founders dumping, Twitter user and XRP investor CryptoBitlord, wrote last week. This will be a community effort. MORE FOR YO XRP Supply. Since 2012, Ripple has methodically sold XRP and used it to incentivize market maker activity to increase XRP liquidity and strengthen the overall health of XRP markets. To alleviate concerns surrounding XRP supply, Ripple has placed 55 billion XRP into a cryptographically-secured escrow account. By securing the lion's share of.

XRP, a digital token created by the company Ripple, has added more than 50% to its price over the last 24 hours, climbing after dogecoin crashed—losing over half its recent gains.. I asked him what he was holding and he said XRP. Next thing we know we're having a drink with a lovely guy who recommended a great place for food. We would have never spoken to him if I wasn't a bag holder and didn't know what his shirt meant. Made my day. I love this community Will ripple ever reach 1000 dollars / norway's new currency is art : A new survey on twitter, recently conducted by xrp_cro among over 1,000 members of the xrp community, shows that the majority of investors believe that the xrp price will rise to over $100 despite the rather below average performance in the past two years

The cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) has emerged as one of the most promising investments of 2021. At the beginning of the year, the price of Ripple (XRP) stood at around $0.22. A couple of months ago, the price of XRP jumped up to its all-time high of $1.8, on April 16. The May 19 cryptocurrency crash wiped out the price by almost half The xrp trends show that it will increase the number of partnerships with some major financial institutions. While frequenting social media i regularly find members of the xrp community stating, sometimes arbitrarily, what they believe the maximum price for a single xrp coin could one day be

Crypto Community Jubilant as El Salvador Passes Bitcoin Bill 1 min reading time Cryptocurrency News , Bitcoin payments , BTC , El Salvado For xrp to reach this price per coin, its market cap would have to reach at least $100 trillion, which is not something we will see any time soon. According to new reports, ripple's xrp coin could gain ⅔ of its current price by the end of 2020, reaching $1. Ripple (xrp) 2020 price update. The community supports the coin more than ever Ripple XRP - Community Italia. 1,597 likes · 15 talking about this. La prima ed unica community italiana su una delle criptovalute più interessanti, Ripple XRP. Unisciti al gruppo e condividi le tue.. It also incentivizes users to offer filter improvements in the form of XRP payments. As such, the plugin heavily relies on community participation to keep evolving and growing more robust as time progresses. Even so, this approach can be exactly what the crypto community on Twitter needs in this day and age. Can it Gain Traction

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The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, took to Twitter to address the crypto community about the collection of concerns that have been raised about XRP over the last few months.. Garlinghouse said that he felt compelled to comment on the questionable sources that have been spreading FUD about the firm and its native token The huge announcement that Coinbase is considering adding Stellar (XLM), Cardano (ADA), Zcash (ZEC), Basic Attention Token (BAT) and 0x (ZRX) to its platform triggered a whole lot of people on Twitter today.. Here's a look at some of the reactions rolling in. Meanwhile at Coinbase selecting the next tokens they will support


The XRP conspiracy. The strategy included pumping the price of the XRP token and gaining as many investors and supporters as possible. For this particular purpose, the theory goes, Ripple, having taken a great distance between itself and the XRP coin, has launched an XRP Army (#XRPArmy as it is referred to on Twitter) The Twitter Ripple Effect. As the news was broken across Fortune and the Wall Street Journal of Ripple's impending lawsuit from the SEC for the sale of its XRP token, Twitter lit up with both support and long-held criticism for the XRP. Bitcoin trader and popular crypto markets analyst, Tone Vays was among the first to kick Ripple while it's. The independent rating agency Weiss Ratings has conducted a Twitter poll in which they asked the crypto community which is their preferred digital currency. The options available were Bitcoin (BTC), XRP, Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA). Surprisingly, the most voted option was XRP. XRP Considered The Preferred Coin Of 5k Individuals In a recent Tweet poll [

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XRP Army Blocked on Twitter by Dogecoin Creator Jeffrey Francis · December 5, 2018 · 9:00 am The creator of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer, has written a script to block the XRP Army on Twitter r/wallstreetbets: Like 4chan found a Bloomberg Terminal. Another day another analysis. The past two days have looked stronger than you may think DEV Community is a community of 632,855 amazing developers Share to Twitter Share to LinkedIn Share to Reddit Share to Hacker News Share to Facebook Share Post Report Abuse. Hooked #2: Hooks & Security (Smart Hooks are small efficient web assembly modules that run on the XRP Ledger at Layer 1 (on-chain) Our own business decision to list XRP -- and our attempt to build a payments business using XRP on the XRP Ledger -- reflects this good faith belief. We would not have proceeded to build a business within the XRP Ledger ecosystem if the SEC had issued any guidance whatsoever that XRP would be treated as an unregistered security Recently, the crypto Twitter community trolled Elon Musk The CEO of Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) got so many negative replies Recently, the crypto Twitter community trolled Elon Musk. Just moments after he.

The XRP Army is made up of a large number of dedicated XRP supporters who actively support the second largest cryptocurrency per market capitalization on Twitter. XRP Away After being attacked by these users several times, Palmer decided to create an open-source script that will automatically block XRP accounts on Twitter preventing others from being able to mention anyone who enables the script Wed, May 12, 2021, 6:00 PM: Welcome to the second Toronto Ripple XRP virtual meet-up in 2021.Please join us for an interactive QA session on all things Ripple and XRP. Look forward to seeing you ther Show full post Hide. XRP positions itself as one of the most liquid currencies which is fast (settles in 3-5 seconds), scalable (can handle 1,500 transactions per second), decentralized (140+ validators), stable (7-year track record) and with a negligible energy consumption (due to the consensus protocol vs proof-of-work)

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DEV Community is a community of 629,136 amazing developers Share to Twitter Share to LinkedIn Share to Reddit Share to Hacker News Share to Facebook Share Post Report Abuse. Hooked #1: Smart Contracts on the XRP ledger # xrplhooks. Wietse Wind Nov 6, 2020 ・Updated on. Hey Dribbblers, as a member of the XRP community as well, I got to collaborate with Ripple Design team on a submission for the community to select a new XRP symbol. The main challenge was to make the symbol easy to draw, free of corporate trademarks, and represent the underlying technology

The popular Tip Bot of XRP recently received an upgrade that enables it to protect funds belonging to users that haven't been claimed. The security update was carried out by the creator of the XRP Tip Bot, Wietse Wind. He announced that the update was implemented on the Twitter handle. Wind said that if a [ XRP $0.864862. 20.59%. Monero $239.45. 22.76%. Ethereum $2,411.02. 24.26%. LTCUP $5.80. 49.29% Powered by. News You are eager to become a part of the crypto community and then you recognize a great number of coins [] Click me! June 4th, 2021..

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Name State Link; Tutorial: Coding & the XRP Ledger: a beginners course Blog on coil.com: Tutorial: Using the XUMM SDK for the XRPL in NodeJS Blog on dev.to: My recent Github projects: Check my Github repository: My recent blogs at Dev.to: dev.to/wietse: XRPL Labs recent Github project This means that the market capitalization of XRP is spread across 4,761.9 times XRP than BTC, making the price of each individual unit of XRP much lower. Regardless, XRP's low price can be a good thing for investors, as many crypto newbies will buy XRP because of its low price, thinking it has more room to grow than BTC

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XRP ledger is an open-source, decentralized cryptographic ledger that is powered by the peer-to-peer network. XRP is a bridge currency that functions as a cross-border payment liquidity source for payment providers and banks to facilitate transactions between different kinds of fiat currencies. The price crash of XRP was an important event of 2019 View live XRP / U.S. Dollar chart to track latest price changes. Trade ideas, forecasts and market news are at your disposal as well As Ripple's Q3 report on the results of its work and achievements made in this quarter appeared, it addressed several crucial issues. Those included FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) that some in the crypto community have been spreading around XRP. Among them is the monthly release of XRP from cryptographic escrow and dumping it on them market, as well as XRP price manipulation

Photos have leaked from preparations for the coming Consensus 2019 conference that eBay, one of the sponsors, might hint that the company plans to start accepting crypto soon and it will not be Bitcoin eBay is one of the sponsors of the upcoming Consensus conference that is to take place in New York on May 15. Along with eBay, the event will be sponsored by such companies as ConsenSys, Ledger. The cost of a transaction on the Ripple protocol is about 0.00001 XRP and currently, 1 XRP price is at ~$0.15, which would cost you next to nothing. Fast remittance Compared with the traditional remittance market, it can take up to 48 hours to transfer your money internationally

Bitcoin Price Soars 14 Percent After Elon Musk NamecheckRoger Ver Continues to Bash BTC for its Crypto Community

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Read all the latest XRP news along with ripple XRP price predictions at Daily XRP News. Learn about the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019 with articles, videos, and PRs The VeChain account writes that the company's CEO Sunny Lu intends to talk to the community live at 10 p.m. (UTC+8) on his personal Twitter account on Saturday, December 14. In lieu of recent events, VeChain CEO Sunny Lu will be live on his twitter @sunshinelu24 at 10pm (UTC+8) tonight to address the community Chris Giancarlo, aka Crypto Dad, has applied a similar methodology he used to help declare bitcoin and ethereum weren't securities to reach the same decision for XRP. The only problem, he's no.

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